At Ashworth Creative, we’re proud of our work. We’re a team that’s obsessed with delivering value to its clients and raising the bar for our marketing agency in the mid-Hudson Valley.   

While every project is an opportunity to delve into the minds of a new audience, flex our creative muscle and get to the heart of what motivates us – we thought you’d enjoy knowing which of last year’s projects floated our collective boat.

Below are five standout Ashworth Creative projects (in no particular order) from 2019. 

Harney & Sons Fine Tea | Catalog

We’re big fans of Harney & Sons Fine Tea. Some of their 300+ varieties are a staple in Ashworth Creative’s office kitchen, and we’ve worked with the Millerton-based enterprise since 2010. In those ten years, we’ve shot commercials, co-produced a podcast and designed catalogs (both print and digital), including a magazine-catalog hybrid.

Last year, we created a theme-driven catalog, called “2000 Years of Tea,” which is a journey through tea’s rich, flavorful history. Our writers left no leaf unturned. In 72 pages, it steeped readers in Harney & Sons’ flavors, looks, sensations and experiences. A true “magalog,” it educated, delighted and challenged readers. And it won a Platinum MarCom Award for Marketing Excellence.

Harney & Sons: Brewing a Strong Relationship With a World-renowned Tea Company 

Crystal Run Healthcare | Total Ad Campaign

At Ashworth Creative, we love a good challenge. And that’s what Crystal Run Healthcare brought us in 2019. A practice with 400+ providers and 18 locations in the mid-Hudson region, Crystal Run wanted to project a personal, patient-centric identity. So, our team proposed a campaign that celebrated their unique identity and the large size of their organization.

Our ads – print, radio and digital – zeroed in on a singular, compelling message: a large, multi-location practice doesn’t have to be impersonal. Size equates to access, and Crystal Run offers patients innumerable opportunities to connect with the region’s highest-quality practitioners. We summarized this message in the now oft-heard tagline: “Crystal Run Healthcare: excellent doctors, exceptional care.”

Crystal Run Healthcare: Creating a Campaign That Celebrates Strength in Numbers

City of Poughkeepsie | Video

Poughkeepsie is – in many ways – our home away from home. It’s our preferred destination for date nights, to socialize with friends and get haircuts by the river. And it’s where we opted to house Ashworth Creative’s office and grow our business. As you’ve guessed, Poughkeepsie and its people mean a lot to us.

The City of Poughkeepsie is fortunate to be located on the banks of the Hudson River, which provides the city, and several surrounding towns and villages (a group known collectively as the “Hudson 7”) with fresh water. But clean water takes collective effort. The video that Ashworth Creative scripted and produced is one of three public relations mini-documentaries about Poughkeepsie’s water. This video highlights the water treatment process, briefly explained through animation we created in our studio, and also presents the work of the “Hudson 7” and the Riverkeeper organization, to protect the Hudson River as a source of clean water. Magnificent drone footage of the Hudson and compelling commentary by those who help produce and protect clean water make the video informative, emotive, and educational to the public.

The Revitalizing of Poughkeepsie

SallyeAnder | eCommerce Website

It’s a joy to work with brands we love. Before they were a client, SallyeAnder products had a cult-like following at Ashworth. And for good reason. A family-owned, Beacon-based small business, every item is handmade and hypoallergenic. Best of all, their soaps clean wonderfully  and are gentle enough for sensitive skin.       

In late 2019, SallyeAnder hired us to redesign their eCommerce site and to hone their origin story – one that begins with crafting soap for their young son with eczema – into a compelling message. We had a lot of great material to work with and wrote content that showcased each product’s unique story and thoughtful ingredients. And we created a website that’s easy to search, mobile friendly and sells the heck out of their terrific products.

SallyeAnder: Creating an Engaging, Motivating eCommerce Experience

 Baby Botanica | Website

When Jeni Howe came to us, the stakes were high. A highly respected birth doula, Howe was embarking on a inspired venture: to create a space where new and evolving families could get together, commune and support one another. She had a business name, concept and location, yet was without visual branding, signage or a website. On top of that, she planned to open in six weeks.

Our team got to work. We quickly designed Baby Botanica’s logo, which features the company’s name in lowercase font and a fern leaf on a cool-grey background. Then, we built a sleek website and integrated it with Mindbody, a software that allows for online business management. This allowed visitors to effortlessly browse the center’s programs, classes and meetups. We are delighted to report that Baby Botanica had a terrific birth and is growing by leaps and bounds.

Baby Botanica: Branding a unique concept

So, what’s your marketing plan this year? Give us a call and together we’ll imagine a successful campaign for you and your business.