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Month: August 2011

QR Codes Now In-Store

August 30, 2011

Back in June, Diesel stores in the UK brought QR codes to the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Now, a retail outlet …


How Are Consumers Shopping for School?

August 25, 2011

Online retailers, the landscape has changed. The back-to-school shopping season upon us – and online shoppers are expected to spend …


Engaging with Sales Reciepts

August 18, 2011

Imagine the possibilities of revamping an often overlooked branding opportunity and customer touch point: the sales receipt. London-based design consultancy …


A Good Brand, or a Big Logo?

August 16, 2011

A logo does not make a brand. So, why do marketers always want to make the logo bigger? As Tom …


What Makes People Want to Follow You?

August 11, 2011

Engaged consumers generally become loyal consumers, and we all want loyal consumers. So, how and why do consumers engage? According …


A New Logo for Windows Phone 7.5

August 9, 2011

With a new software update and new second generation hardware on the horizon, Microsoft has unveiled a new Windows Phone …


Corporate Identity: Beyond Business Cards

August 4, 2011

Business cards are essentially used for sharing professional contact information, but with the right strategy, they can do so much …


The New Old Spice Guy

August 1, 2011

A new Old Spice Guy? Yes, the latest series of ads from Wieden + Kennedy have replaced the tried-and-true Isaiah …