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Month: July 2011

More Than a Bar Code

July 28, 2011

QR codes are recognizable, but unfortunately generic-looking. Luckily, their designs are more flexible than you would think. With a 30% …


Digital Kills the Video Star

July 26, 2011

Progressive “choral symphonic pop rock” band The Polyphonic Spree have recently released the music video for its latest single “Bullseye”… …


The Evolution of Marketing

July 20, 2011

An older, but relevant as ever, cartoon by Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist.


Rebranding the Canadian Olympic Team

July 14, 2011

The Canadian Olympic Team recently underwent a rebranding, led by Art Director Ben Hulse. According to the Team’s brand website, …


App Usage Surpasses Web, Allegedly

July 12, 2011

For the first time, mobile app usage has exceeded both desktop and mobile web usage, according to a report by …


Get Animated

July 7, 2011

Sometimes, it’s better to explain things visually. As Econsultancy recently explained, “Animation is often overlooked when planning a marketing campaign, …


Advertising to Primal Instincts

July 5, 2011

Advertising agency Proton has joined forces with Yale University to develop an advertising campaign for an audience of Capuchin monkeys. …