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Brewing a strong relationship with a world renowned tea company

Harney print catalog


Ashworth Creative has worked with Harney & Sons Fine Teas since 2010 when Ashworth designed catalogs, suitable for both print and online distribution and taking an educational approach to the world of Harney & Sons Fine Teas. Harney returned to Ashworth in 2016 and working closely with the family members who manage the successful tea enterprise, we developed a new magalog format. Blending strong visuals and good content, the tea catalogs have become very popular.

Harney family
Collage of 4 spreads from Harney catalog


When we begin a long form piece, the first step is to layout a pagination document that enables us to see where the stories and content will eventually be placed. Working with the client marketing department we explore overarching themes for the particular catalog so that the piece has an internal logic that makes it a more in-depth read for the consumer but handled in a light and entertaining way. Once content is settled we create stories both visually and verbally and look for bright ideas that will make large amounts of subject matter interesting, entertaining and motivating to the reader. Harney has more than 300 teas, pure teas, blends, and flavored teas that are the particular art form of the Harney family. When a client has 300 fascinating products, we’re never short of material and can explore the extraordinary history and culture of tea in many different ways.

Harney catalogs


“So I finally got around to exploring the latest Harney catalog and want you to know it’s probably the best tea catalog I’ve ever seen. Starting with the astonishingly sophisticated collection of teas offered, I think the catalog gets an A Plus in every respect— The photography, your writing, variety of interesting lines (Royal Palaces, etc.) and all the rest. Please tell all concerned they have reason to be proud of this work.” – James Norwood Pratt, a world renowned tea connoisseur

Glass of iced tea with yellow straw
Collage of 4 spreads from Harney catalog