About Us | Ashworth Creative

We formulate creative solutions that focus on our client’s specific goals. We can provide you with everything you need, not just what you need right now. We think long term. You will have us there for the whole ride and you’ll enjoy it as much as we will. If you really need to know who the leaders are, their credentials, and their thought process, then here they are.

Meet our team

Eve Ashworth
CEO, Partner
Isaac Ashworth
Creative Director, Partner
Jennifer King
Video Production Manager
Tracy Dwyer
Art Director
Ken Newman
Senior Website Developer
Elyssa VanBenschoten
Graphic Designer
Stephanie Faughnan
Event Marketing Associate & Project Manager
Tricia Allen
Project Manager
Ross Leung
Brett Gutzmer
Digital Marketing Strategist
Karen Richardson
Office Manager
Renée Thalrose
Financial Manager

who we work with...

We’ve had the privilege of working with the following brands (among others) over our 18 year history.