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Month: June 2011

Understanding the Network Effect

June 30, 2011

Why are social networks so important? Why are they so powerful? The answer is the Network Effect, first popularized by …


A Business Card You Won’t Soon Forget

June 28, 2011

Tok&Stok is a Brazilian manufacturer of self-assembly furniture. DDB of São Paulo has created an incredibly brand appropriate and instantly …


Facebook: Growing or Plateauing?

June 23, 2011

According to a report by Inside Facebook, Facebook user growth – while still increasing – is beginning to slow. The …


Why “Retro” Works

June 21, 2011

As we’ve seen before, retro packaging designs can create buzz and boost sales by appealing to consumers’ sense of nostalgia. …


Mobile Commerce at a Glance

June 16, 2011

Microsoft Tag has created a great infographic on mobile commerce, “Mobile Commerce Revolution: Smartphones & Smarter Shoppers.” Who would have …


Facebook “Likes” in the Real World

June 14, 2011

Fullsix Group has brought the Facebook “Like” button off of your computer screen and into the real world. In the …


Cats: Redefining the Tablet App Market

June 9, 2011

Children influence much of their parents’ purchasing decisions, regardless of the fact that they are not doing the actual purchasing, …


A Logo Comes to Life

June 7, 2011

Los-Angeles based Ferroconcrete has brought the current TBS “smile” logo to life with an on-air network rebrand.  The static logo …


200 Years of Advertising Agencies

June 2, 2011

Aquent’s Vitamin T has created an interesting infographic called “The Ad Agency Bloodline,” illustrating the history and development of the …