Now remember, I don’t really like or even understand football, but let’s cut to the chase and admit that the big game last Sunday was a complete snooze! It started with a safety (whatever that is), and for the Broncos, it was downhill from there.

Did anyone even stay tuned after the half time show? Well, apparently people did watch the game. In fact, this year, the Super Bowl broke the record for being the most watched program in U.S. television history, with an average of 111.5 million viewers! (What? We’re still trying to figure out why). Bruno Mars also had quite the captive audience for his stellar half time performance. His 12 minutes of air time with the Red Hot Chili Peppers set a new record for number of viewers with 115.3 million, trumping the previous champ, Madonna, with 114 million in 2012.

How did this happen? Why did so many people watch the Broncos get crushed? Are there really that many Seahawks fans out there? Many believe that it had to do with the big game being played in an outdoor stadium in a cold-weather location for the first time ever; and that it just so happened to be in the New York metropolitan area. Personally, I think that televisions were tuned in to Fox, but no one really had their eyes glued to the game, or were even in the same room for that matter. That’s just my opinion!

But I’m not here to talk about football. Let’s talk about those ads that ran during the commercial breaks. Were you impressed with any one in particular? Would you pay a whopping $4 million for a prime time slot, or would you opt for what Esurance did and take the first spot AFTER the game was over for a bargain of $2.5 million? We picked out a few of our favorites:

Budweiser – “Puppy Love”

Who can resist those puppy dog eyes?

Hyundai – “Dad’s Sixth Sense”

Dads are always there at just the right moment.

RadioShack – “The Phone Call”

We all love a company that isn’t afraid to poke fun at themselves.

T-Mobile – “#NoContract”

We also love an athlete who can poke fun at themselves.

H&M — “David Beckham For H&M”

*Insert swoon face here*

Toyota — “Joyride”

Because anything with the Muppets is classic.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee — “Seinfeld Reunion”

Can you believe we’ve been waiting 16 years for Jerry and George to sit down at Tom’s Restaurant again?

I must say, overall, I was slightly disappointed with the commercials this year. It just felt like something was missing from them. Or maybe I was just thinking that there’d be more of a wow factor considering the companies spent so much money. To the Broncos and the advertisers, better luck next year!

Let us know which commercial you liked the best!