Under this current health-related crisis, we’ve made a few changes at Ashworth Creative. Our team is healthy and diligently working from their home offices. And we’ve traded water-cooler banter for instant messages, free-form brainstorming sessions for word docs, and internal office meetings for Zoom video conferences. 

Our settings have changed, yet so much of our day-to-day operations remain intact. Ashworth Creative is a company that – since it began in 2001 – has often been a remote extension of a client’s marketing team. Let’s take a closer look.  

Business During COVID-19  

These are – to be sure – trying times, and COVID-19 has had a ripple effect on how we live, socialize and do business. Social distancing guidelines have prompted many small companies to adjust their business models. Many restaurants have either temporarily closed or ramped up their takeout and delivery services. Grocery stores are opening earlier for older folks to shop safely. And some distilleries have converted their operations to produce alcohol for DIY hand sanitizer.

Ashworth Creative has adjusted too. We packed up our laptops, monitors, notebooks and desk plants, and became a remote marketing agency. We have always connected with our clients frequently, by phone, conference call and in-person meetings. We are lucky our workflow translated nicely to our home offices. Here’s how:

  • We are a digital-first company, and most projects can be done on a computer
  • Our small, nimble team is designed to work independently and collaboratively
  • Likewise, we have a proven track record of executing full-fledged ad campaigns, as well as doing some of the heavy lifting for an overburdened client’s marketing teams   
  • We are equipped with premium software, and web- and cloud-based tools to manage projects, communicate and share files over the internet   

Past projects show that we can produce great marketing, even from afar. Below are just a few examples of past and current remote projects :  

  • A majority of our clients rely on search-engine marketing and optimization, also called SEM and SEO. These are must-have services that can be done with a laptop and internet connection. While search rank and paid ads are vital during ordinary times, both have an increased utility during extraordinary periods, such as the present 
  • Many companies in the US and UK contract us to write monthly content that can be used as blog posts and e-blasts to deliver expert tips and insights to their contacts.
  • Consigli Construction, an innovative, employee-owned Boston based company with nine locations throughout the Northeast, hired us to design and write social media guides, build ESOP messaging, design infographics and consult on marketing projects 
  • We are currently editing video our higher education clients filmed themselves 
  • Several of our clients hired us to build ad campaigns, websites and landing pages to share current, relevant COVID-19 information

Why Market During a Crisis

COVID-19 has created a ton of uncertainty. Blog posts, email campaigns, landing pages, web banners: these are all great channels to send a strong, clear message to customers and keep them up to date. Let clients know how you will proceed. What changes can they expect? Every byte of advertising counts towards a successful transition into a post-crisis market.    

Today is the day to double down on great messaging. Give us a call. We’d love to partner with you.