“Social media is an important part of work at Ashworth Creative, and we’re pleased that Consigli would trust us to create a guide for their employees. Not just a list of pointers, we set out to inform Consigli’s workforce about the current state of social media. And the guide’s success is reflected in Consigli’s improved social media presence.” – Eve Ashworth, CEO of Ashworth Creative


Ashworth Creative has had an ongoing and positive relationship with Consigli Construction, an innovative, employee-owned company with nine locations throughout the Northeast. Consigli has a staff of more than 1,000, an annual volume that exceeds $1 billion, and an array of prestigious clients across multiple sectors. Consigli asked Ashworth Creative to design and write a social media guide to unify its staff and project a cohesive message to all of its many stakeholders. Ashworth studied the leadership examples that companies such as Dell, Cisco and IBM used to craft a social media policy that would encourage employees to participate in social media and exchange ideas, and, at the same time, ensure that there are clear guidelines for Consigli Construction staff as to what can and cannot be shared.Fact and numbers abut social media platforms

What We Did

Our team created a colorful, easy-to-use guide that its employees could return to and reference often. The guide helped to reinforce social media’s ability to be a positive reflection not only on the individual staff member but on the company as a whole. By highlighting compelling statistics such as the fact that 81% of millennials check Twitter twice a day and that LinkedIn has 450-million user files, the importance and pervasiveness of social media in business life was brought home to Consigli employees. The guide uses Do’s and Don’ts to walk readers through the Consigli Construction social media guidelines and how they apply across multiple platforms. Practical advice explained how to set up an account and incorporate an employee’s relationship to Consigli Construction, how and when to use Consigli keywords and hashtags, how to post live events on social media accounts, and how to amplify the visibility of content created by Consigli Construction marketing for employees to share. Finally, it fosters a sense of engagement by the employee in the company’s success. It encourages them to be ambassadors of Consigli and emphasizes that 63% of people will trust the word of an individual on social media more than from conventional advertising.


Consigli printed and presented the guide at two company-wide meetings and made it available on the corporate intranet, where it has been downloaded by many employees. The clear instructions has been well-received by their employees. After it was distributed, Consigli’s social media posts have routinely garnered more engagement, such as likes and shares.Hand holding a phone with the title of the social media guide above it