Sometimes, it’s better to explain things visually.

As Econsultancy recently explained, “Animation is often overlooked when planning a marketing campaign, meaning that many organizations can miss out on using this powerful tool… animation allows [you] to explain a new idea in a succinct and clear way to a wide audience.”

Utilizing animation in web pages, display ads, and emails can have a powerful impact. If the concept for a product or service is complex, an animated explanation can usually help get your point across clearly. Even if the message is not complex, animation can still make it more compelling –  it can set your messaging apart from competitors, maintain your audience’s attention, and make your content more share-worthy. Consider Google’s increased usage of animation in its homepage doodles – the results are always viral. It may not be “selling” anything in particular, but it certainly enhances Google’s branding.

Google - 366th birthday of Sir Isaac Newton