Check out the Royal Wedding tomorrow, Friday, April 29th!  How will you plan to follow the Royal Wedding?

Waking up at 5 a.m. ET to watch the broadcast on all major may not be probable for some.  There are several other options where you can follow the Royal Wedding online while enjoying some tea and crumpets in the comfort of your own home.

William & Kate

Official Website

The official website is .  The site will link together the official Royal Wedding’s Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr accounts.


The British Monarchy Fan Page will be hosting a live feed of the Royal Wedding on their page.  The page will be updated with stories as the event progresses.   The British Monarchy would like all Facebook users to share their stories of their experiences on the day of the Royal Wedding.


The Royal Wedding’s official hash tag will be #rw2011.  The BBC News Channel (@bbcroyalwedding), CNN News and their broadcasters (@royalweddingCNN), and the Today Show (@royalwedding) will be keeping the Twitter world updated with information throughout the wedding.  Tweet any comments or information with the hash tag #rw2011.


A live feed will be broadcasted without commentary of the wedding beginning at 5 a.m. ET.  The official YouTube channel is names The Royal Channel.  Viewers will be able to upload videos of them sending a message to the engaged couple.

YouTube Royal Channel Flickr

Viewers at the wedding will be able to upload their photos of the Royal Wedding to the British Monarchy’s Flickr page.  These pictures will be from all around London.  The British Monarch will be holding a contest judging who uploads the best pictures of the day.

The Royal Wedding has turned into a social media event.  How will you plan to follow the Royal Wedding?