Social Media Optimization (SMO) integrates several social media sites and activity with the goal of driving new and existing customers to website content.  SMO allows companies to make their content easily accessible and shareable across all social networks.  The more shareable and interesting the content is, the better.

Social Media sites have become more popular than search engines in some parts of the world.  Facebook is the leading social media site, bringing in 55% of the social media traffic.  Google dominates the search engine traffic.  Of the overall web traffic, Google brings in 9.3% of web traffic and Facebook brings in 7% of web traffic (

The use of SMO will increase traffic flow to websites because the social media sites are driving all traffic to the specific website.  Several websites are beginning to receive more traffic from social networking sites than from Google.  Some of these sites include Comedy Central, Forever21, Etsy, NFL, Threadless, Netflix, and

A huge part of SMO is the idea of sharing between friends.  Friends encouraging friends, through social media, to check out different brands and websites increases traffic greatly.  When someone hears about a brand from a friend they may be more inclined to check it out because their friend is a reliable source.  Friends are generally interested in the same things.  Sharing also ensures that the content is reaching the correct people in your target market.

Facebook leads all other social media network in sharing at 24%.  Twitter is steadily increasing their sharing, with almost half of Facebook.

Facebook Sharing

SMO helps with Search Engine Optimization as well as reaching your target audience.  SMO is very positive for the brand because people are able to view content and websites through widgets, applications, mobile, and social media.

How will you use social media optimization for your company?