Pinterest has become the place to share and organize everything from home ideas to life hacks, and a thousand things in between. With more than half of brand engagement being done by users rather than the brands themselves, it’s a fantastic way to engage with the masses and get the word out about your growing company.

So, want to get your brand on Pinterest, but not sure where to start? Here’s 7 Pinterest board suggestions that will give your brand personality and authority:

Behind the scenes board –

In all my years of blogging, I’ve found that readers and followers love it when you give them a glimpse behind the scenes. Consider posting pictures of staff and their bios, scenes from a recent company trip or event, and best of all, office shenanigans and adventures.

Interactive board –

Got fans showing you love on social media? Reward them on the interactive board! Re-pin people who post about your products. It creates a great collection of images that show how people use your product in different ways. This is great for fashion and design brands!

Highly popular categories –

Some of the most popular boards on pinterest are food, fashion, home, DIY, and beauty. Try to have 1-2 boards that cover one of these topics, and put your own spin on it. This helps you to be an overall lifestyle brand, rather than just pinning your own products over and over.

A location-based board about your hometown –

Show off your roots! Consider pinning landmarks, photos, best-kept secrets, and tips about what to when visiting your town.

Inspirational quotes –

Inspirational quotes with beautiful design do very well on pinterest. These are highly re-pinned, which helps drive traffic to your website and pinterest account, but it also show off your company mottos and values. Consider talking popular quotes, giving them a beautiful graphic design, and watermarking them with your company’s brand name.

An industry-specific board –

This is where the authority comes in. If you’re a graphic designer, have a board of great design examples. If you’re a restaurant, pin about your favorite ingredients. If you’re a tech blogger, pin about coding tips and tricks or new products. The possibilities are endless.

Employee Picks Board –

This is another great way for people to get to know the key players in your brand better. Post about employee’s favorite recipes, designs, accessories, hacks, etc!

If you need some example or ideas, or if you just want some graphic design inspiration, check out Ashworth Creative’s very own Pinterest!


Happy Pinning!