Ever get a manicure and then step out into the sun to find that the spring-y coral color you chose is more like a neon orange? While nail polish mishaps are only a minor annoyance, having uniform color is crucial to many industries.

GTI has been at the forefront of the color appraisal industry for over three decades.  They manufacture color appraisal viewing systems (also known as “light boxes”) to ensure accurate color for a variety of markets.

GTI commissioned Ashworth Creative to create an advertising campaign highlighting the importance of companies using the “right” color.

For the campaign, we used elements of GTI’s existing branding and used contemporary, eye-catching designs. Using a rainbow of vibrant colors coupled with sharp copy, we created a variety of print materials, including brochures and business cards.

gtibrochure gtibrochure2

After helping to solidify GTI’s reputation as an industry leader through our branding efforts, we moved to the next phase of our partnership: web development. We created a custom e-commerce site that has a more intuitive and visually appealing user experience for customers to order GTI products online.

GTI lightboxes

This was definitely a colorful partnership!