Here at Ashworth Creative, we’re anything but ordinary. Don’t let our size fool you; we may have a total of 9 employees, but our ideas and work surpass our size. And most days, we’re not all even in the office. The beauty of the digital era is the ability of having remote access to information. What does that mean exactly? Two of our employees get to work from the comfort of their own home. That’s right; at this very moment, they could be snuggled under their covers in their bed designing, developing, and networking away at their computers. But the work they pump out from their bed.. uh I mean, desk, is always of the utmost caliber.

The majority of us who do congregate at our office location on a daily basis are all together in one room. Why is it like this you ask? Is it because we had first dibs at the newly remodeled fallout shelter? Or is it because when you’re working in the creative industry, you want to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and talk to one another without having to run from room to room? Let’s go with the latter answer. Our creativity cannot be confined to individual offices. It needs to flow freely and be shared with others.

Luckily for us, creativity knows no age limit, or minimum. There’s about a 20 year age difference from the oldest employee to the youngest. And while our eldest is by no means old, a lot has changed in those 20 years. This makes for an interesting dynamic in that what used to work may not anymore and vice versa, us youngins can learn a thing or two from our elders. The wisdom of the older paired with the fresh ideas of the young is what makes our company grow.

Every office culture is different. Some are uptight and strict; others are more relaxed and laid back. If you can’t tell which one we are by now, you haven’t looked at our whole website. We have found what works and yields the highest amount of productivity for us and we’re sticking to it. If you prefer to work alone, in a cold and dark office with the door shut, be my guest. Like I said, everyone is different. You say tomato; our bosses say toe-motto (literally), as long as you are satisfied with your end result, that’s what matters most.