Customer experience management and customer relationship management are nearly as significant in marketing as your price, product, placement, and promotion. A good marketing campaign will not succeed if your customer’s experience is poor. As Adam Helweh of Social Media Explorer wrote, “Customers typically don’t care as much about the price of your product as they do about being treated well, having a positive buying experience and some semblance of peace of mind throughout the process… The entire experience counts.”

Honor Your CustomersHelweh provides an incredible list of suggestions for how to “honor” your customers and improve their experiences. Here are just some:

  • “Hire employees that are passionate about helping your customers and not just making a buck.”
  • “Provide an easy way for your customers to submit feedback and suggestions.”
  • “Share the successes of your customers even when they are not related to your product or service.”
  • “When you make a mistake, provide a sincere apology and an effective solution … as quickly as possible.”
  • “Host an event for your customers so they can meet each other face-to-face.”
  • “Feature your customers in a blog post. They might just share it with their friends and family.”
  • “Give whenever possible with no strings attached. Hidden fees and agendas rarely make for loyal customers.”
  • “Let your customers get to know your employees. Their passion for your brand is infectious.”

How do you honor your customers?