Those of you who follow the AdWeek blog AdFreak may have seen its recent post on 2010’s best and worst ad agency holiday cards. Most agencies pull out the big guns at this time of year to create the most creative and inspiring company greeting cards. One of the best this year comes from Droga5 in Sydney, Australia, and it’s essentially an ode to advertising (and the people who make it happen).

A simple, clean, minimalistic piece with smart copy, it may look long but is definitely worth a read, especially if you work in marketing.

As Droga5’s card says:

… we laugh less that we used to, smile less than we should, and beat ourselves up a lot more than is medically advisable… [what we lack] is a place where we can celebrate what it is we actually do: conjure up, produce and ultimately defend these strange, fragile things called ‘ideas.’ After all, it does take a rare breed of courage to fight for ideas. When they’re young, wobbly, and unformed, they can’t defend themselves, and depend on us to stand up for them – an increasing challenge in these increasingly brutal times… [we do it] because we love the idea of what those fragile thoughts could potentially become, if just given the chance to grow. We dream, albeit surreptitiously, of making something brilliant, captivating and, yes, even enduring… isn’t it fitting we take pause after a long, grueling year, and give ourselves a pat on our collective back?

… So, let us concede at least one resolution for the New Year: for god’s sake, let’s have more fun.

Now, doesn’t that make you feel at least a bit more warm and fuzzy? Thanks, Droga5.

Droga5: Happy Whatever