Here’s an interesting question: how do you choose the best social network for your company or brand? Of course Facebook is powerful, but there are a plethora of other networks out there… how do you know which are the best? Or rather, which are the best for you?

Social Networks
From The Boom of Social Sites, by TechCrunch

Different social networks can have different effects on the perception of your brand. Certain networks are more popular among certain demographics – based on age, geography, common interests, lifestyles. etc. While networks like Facebook and Twitter may seem like social “cure-alls,” there are a number of things to consider before choosing a social platform for your company or brand. As Lisa Barone points out (for Business Insider), “it doesn’t matter how pretty a house you build if you’re putting it in the wrong neighborhood.” Barone lays out a few questions you may want to ask yourself before setting up your social presence on a particular network:

1. What are the strengths of this network/site?

2. How much time can I afford to spend on this network/site? Each day? Each week?

3. What are the demands of this network?

4. Does my target audience/community use this network?

5. If engaging on this network cost $500/month, would I still join it?

6. Will this network/site integrate with the rest of the promotion we are doing?

It’s wise to prepare for a social campaign in this way; social media is a marketing strategy and should be managed as such. Since so many people utilize social media for personal and recreational purposes, you’d think it would be easy! But social networking still requires work to be used as a successful marketing tool. Barone says, “These are social channels. In order to see a return on them, you have to actually be social on them… When you go and create that social media account – you’re actually going to be expected to do something with it.”

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