If you’re looking to streamline your brand with a fresh new marketing approach, you have two choices at your disposal: the traditional, large-scale firm, or the boutique marketing agency. Though there are advantages to working with a big agency, we believe the benefits do not outweigh the cost in creativity, swift results, and, well, the actual cost.

As a boutique marketing agency, Ashworth Creative provides a highly specialized advertising experience for our clients. We focus on creative advertising campaigns, research programs, SEO and SEM, ecommerce and email marketing, and more. The marketing experience we craft for our clients is individualized, flexible, tailor-made to their specific needs, and can change with each new project. Most importantly, we market with integrity.

Here’s why you should consider hiring a boutique agency for your next marketing campaign:

1. Customizable Experience

When you work with a boutique marketing agency, all the benefits of working with a close-knit team of professionals, typically under one roof, are at your disposal. Small agencies rarely have more than one location, and as the client, you are likely to meet all collaborators on your project within the first few meetings if you did not meet them at the very beginning. The questions, comments, and changes you expect to encounter when creating a marketing campaign will likely be handled by this same group of people from start to finish.

2. A Team that Functions as a Unit

When you choose to work with a boutique agency, you are really choosing a specific team more than a specific company. These agencies are usually made up of small groups, less than fifteen people in many cases, and while this could be seen as creatively limiting or a drawback, it is anything but.

A small team is really just a collection of people who work together frequently, know each other well, and draw on each other’s individual strengths. Small teams are adept at familiarizing themselves with which tasks best belong on which desks. Moreover, a close-knit team is frequently a collaborative effort. While different team members may provide more specialized skills in areas of content, design, or administrative tasks, they are all often capable of filling a few key roles within the company and are comfortable collaborating with their colleagues.

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Boutique Marketing Agencies Really Get to Know You

This more intimate working environment encourages a level of personalization you cannot usually expect from larger agencies. For the clients who choose to work with boutique agencies, this relationship makes all the difference in turning leads into sales. Increasing revenue is the end goal in hiring anyone to hone your brand, but boutique agencies tend to have a better understanding of the more distinctive ways your business fits within the industry. We can help you use that to your advantage.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

This is perhaps the reason that requires the least amount of explanation, but it’s worth mentioning. Working with a boutique agency can be a real money saver for your business. And with the COVID-19 pandemic still wreaking havoc on our professional lives and our wallets, keeping an eye on the bottom line is almost always the responsible choice. Of course, an affordable experience does not mean that the end result will be of a lower quality. Frequently, the exact opposite is true. Small teams within boutique marketing agencies are accustomed to working together as efficiently as possible and can be relied on to produce quality results in a timely fashion.

For a boutique marketing agency like Ashworth Creative, we look at results in several ways. We can point to increases in sales or conversion that exactly correlate to the marketing efforts we construct for our clients. Some large agencies may tout the number of awards they have won. Ashworth Creative also wins awards for our work, but this is a by-product of our efforts, not the focus of them.

Bigger Business, Bigger Expenses

Large firms have large overhead costs. Some employ thousands of people, maintain thousands of square feet worth of office space, and rely on expensive tools, software, and technologies to balance a large client load. These costs must be earned back somehow within their business model, and as the client, that’s where you come in. Working with a large firm involves shouldering a share of the burden of an expansive business model, while working with a comparatively smaller agency results in fewer costs passed on to the client.

4. Quicker Results

Unlike the larger firms and more traditional agencies, boutique marketing agencies do not have to pass through established hurdles or protocols to complete projects. Because they do not need to rely solely on acquiring long-term, lengthy projects in order to turn a profit, boutique agencies can instead include smaller, more frequent jobs with small to midsize clients in their bottom line, building relationships by project rather than by contract.

With smaller teams, the approval process is straightforward, simplified, and rarely the domain of more than a handful of people. Each client’s needs are viewed through a unique, project-to-project lens, and changes to the design process are tackled as they come.

At Ashworth Creative, we are well versed in all the benefits of being a boutique agency, forming long-term relationships with our clients, and producing results that make us all proud. After nearly twenty years in the industry, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you looking for a more personalized and creative marketing experience? Give us a call and find out what a seasoned boutique marketing agency can do for you.