Graphic handshake with stylized type quote: "Time is short & content is king"

Engage me, give me valuable info, but Please, please, please don’t bore me.

There was a time, not so long ago, when things visual dominated the world of advertising. In the early 2000s it was easy to create a commercial with a cool soundtrack and some hot visuals. Big international agencies used to create a “rip-o-matic.” This was a video with existing music and ripped-off clips from other commercials. It was presented to the client as a kind of visual mood board for how their commercial would look. And usually it was very similar to the finished product. It was also dull and repetitive.

Then several things happened. People started avoiding commercials. By using DVRs, then the Internet, and as all kinds of delivery systems emerged the consumer was no longer forced to watch whatever advertisers put in front of them.

Enter the era of content marketing. Where information that’s valuable to the consumer is presented in new, interesting and deeply engaging ways.

At Ashworth Creative we’re doing lots of content marketing for our clients.

We help them establish their target audience, and discover what they want to know and see and hear. Then we measure how the engagement went and, if necessary, adjust to make it work even harder.

Although content is king, it’s not all just words. For example, Infographics can carry a heavy load of information in a pleasing, digestible – and thoroughly engaging manner.

Here are a few examples where Ashworth Creative has created infographics that work.

2015-2016 Westchester Knicks Highlights infographic

Communicating Stats is a Slam Dunk for the Westchester Knicks


Hudson Valley Fresh Milk infographics

The Benefits – and Environmental Credibility – of Hudson Valley Fresh Milk


Enhanced Regional Planning Approach infographic for HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley

Making Complexity Understandable for Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley


If Ashworth Creative can make infographics arresting and exciting,
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