The Hudson Valley has captivated artists for centuries and still inspires many today. From its namesake river to its mountainous precipices, the area is simply rife with beauty and mystery. Whenever you have writer’s block, are stuck on a problem or just looking for some artistic inspiration; here are five spots for the perfect fix:


Hudson Valley

  1. Poet’s Walk, Red Hook

Perfect for any season, Poet’s Walk in a big field just waiting to be explored. Watch as the landscape transforms throughout the year. The sprawling 120 acre park is the perfect place to find inspiration and give way for a breakthrough. Don’t forget to take a seat at the gazebo to catch your breath!


  1. Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site, Hyde Park

A grandiose mansion, this 54 room palace is the epitome of opulence and wealth.


  1. Walkway Over the Hudson, Poughkeepsie

A 1.28 mile abandoned railroad bridge turned longest pedestrian bridge in the world; Walkway Over the Hudson offers amazing views of the Hudson.


  1. Olana, Hudson

A picturesque landscape designed by Frederic Church with tours available to view the house and the grounds. Feel free to walk through the 250 acre landscape designed by Frederic Church, the artist himself. Stop by the house to view the ever-changing exhibits and the gallery.


  1. Kaaterskill Falls, Haines Falls

Kaaterskill Fall’s 260 feet drop has been captivating artists for hundreds of years, Thomas Cole’s painting The Falls of Kaaterskill is probably the best known artwork associated with the falls, but with an easy enough hike and stunning views, Kaaterskill Falls is sure to bring out your inner artist.

What are your favorite spots for inspiration in the Hudson Valley?