We love success stories – especially those of clients we’ve worked with! 50Roots received some great press from a blogger in Virginia. Close to Home author Maria Long resides in Virginia with her husband, three children, and their 2 dogs. Last week, Maria set out to find Easter gifts for her family that were made exclusively in America – this is how she stumbled upon 50Roots. We’re excited for 50Roots and that their company has already begun growing on a national scale.

According to her blog, she purchased repurposed beer bottles by Green Glass Company for her husband, RE-Wined soy candles for herself and a large checkerboard rug by Channel Craft for her children.

Maria, we’re glad you enjoyed your products and hope you visit 50Roots again!

We look forward to finding more good press about 50Roots in the future!

Visit Maria’s blog for a peek into her life as she shares recipes, crafts, and reviews daily.