Has your business fallen into the dark ages? Do you feel like perhaps you’ve plateaued in your ventures with no sight of expansion for miles around? Most businesses, especially in this ever-shaky market, are hopelessly looking for new outlets to broaden their scope in hopes of an immediate spike in sales and success.overworked business man

It seems to be the trend for more and more businesses to finally give social media platforms a whirl. And the social media bandwagon has become quite a full one! Now let’s not shoot down the idea of social media right out of the gate – there is a reason that it has become one of the most powerful sources for news and information. But the key word is INFORMATION. To properly align your business with social media platforms you must first and foremost strategize what your prospective customers and clientele will do once they leave your page. Confused – overwhelmed? Breathe! Let me help!


Before you take the leap, first learn and understand the waters you are jumping into. Social media is in a very unique league of it’s own. More traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers and the like are often expensive and narrowed to limited demographics. They are also very restrictive to who can utilize them for the purpose of broadcasting information. The majority of social media is completely free and available to the public. The overall reach of these particular platforms is much broader and easily tailored by the user. With your own two hands you can create a desired persona, reach any and all of the audiences of your choosing, and therefore demand the results that YOU are anticipating. Perhaps the best feature of these tools is the capability to ever-change and grow with your vision. Unlike other traditional media outlets, nothing is frozen in time or permanent. The immediate changes that can be made will therefore yield immediate results as well!


One of the high points of social media is the ease of usability it offers. It takes no professional skills or training. Unfortunately, for a business this can also counter as a major pitfall. Just because the world is at your hands doesn’t mean you should get social media slaphappy! Creating a Twitter account for your nail salon in Wichita, Kansas doesn’t really warrant following Kim Kardashian and her entire clan. How you use it is what really counts – not your celebrity following or unrelated personal Tweets about today’s breakfast sandwich that you are about to consume. Narrow your focus and make it work for you. Follow people in your own circle, reach out to those who are not yet a part of it who you think can mutually benefit from what you have to offer, also. ALWAYS provide your contact information wherever possible – each outlet is another landing page for your business where people should be able to easily contact and communicate with you. Try to avoid futile content as this will only distract potential customers and possibly overwhelm them to the point of moving on to the local competition. READILIBILTY and clear and concise thought processes certainly do count. Remember what your mother always said, “Less is more!”


A common misconception of most is that by creating a variety of social media pages, business owners will have performed a miracle of overnight success! The fact that these pages now exist somewhere in the vast universe of the World Wide Web means little to nothing at all. These are tools that need constant upkeep, care and a little imagination! As the ultimate goal is to push people through the door, do not ignore the networking possibilities abound. Sometimes it pays to make a visit to others – communicate, collaborate, learn and grow. The more useful and practical connections made, the more reach and presence you will create in your own target market. Do not be afraid to take that first step and reach out to others. Let the world know that you are open for business! Stay on top of your accounts and blogs – a little nurturing will cultivate a blossoming company – put in the work and the results will undeniably follow.
open for business

Wait, what? That’s it? YES, disgruntled struggling business owner – indeed, that is all. Social media involves no Quantum Theory or high budget expenditure. There’s no need to parade around in that ridiculous store front chicken costume ever again! Skip the kitschy, desperate and grossly over priced attempts at a little foot traffic. Go back to the basics – a New Age word of mouth marketing, that is. By understanding, properly and efficiently utilizing, and networking through social media conduits, you will have the tools to freely market your brand in a way you’ve never experienced before. It is time to take the leap!