Bing’s newly enhanced local listings will not only help the search engine continue to differentiate itself from Google (Bing being “The Decision Engine”), but will provide great value to businesses utilizing Bing’s business listings.

Local Business Listings

Bing’s Director of Product Management for Mobile Andy Chu told Fast Company that “fifty percent of mobile searches are users looking for businesses or entities related to local.” In addition, mobile searchers will typically come to a decision within an hour (as opposed to typically a week for those searching on a PC). Put simply, mobile searchers want local results – fast. As Fast Company noted, “That’s why it’s important for merchants to have as compelling information available as possible via mobile search. It could make the difference between that hungry searcher choosing your cute French bistro, or the one down the street.”

With Bing’s revamped local listings, businesses can verify and claim their pages faster, include deals and coupons directly within listings, and businesses like restaurants and bars can even include menus.

How are you utilizing local listings to differentiate your business?