Kate Spade recently launched an new, updated version of its website, with special attention paid to promoting branded content and enhancing the e-commerce experience for its users.


Kate Spade Digital Marketing Manager Cecilia Liu shared that the previous site only included about 10-15% branded content, while the new one spotlights both e-commerce and 50% original content.


As we quoted Lee Odden in our post last month, “Consumers expect content from brands… Content fuels customer engagement at all stages of the customer life cycle.”

The new Kate Spade site now includes sections dedicated to original branded content, as well as prominent links to additional off-site content. Links to branded content are included directly on shopping pages, “encouraging visitors to hold their shopping for a moment to watch a video, learn about a new collaboration, or browse a relevant lookbook.” Content and merchandise are also easily shareable, with “Like” and “Tweet” buttons appearing throughout the site. This content-driven shift in emphasis makes sense considering the brand’s increased use and focus on social media and content creation. As Liu explained, “The idea is that allowing people to connect more with the brand at a much more intimate level will organically drive business.”


Not only has content become a major part of the new Kate Spade website, but its e-commerce function has been improved upon, including a streamlined checkout process, enhanced search capabilities, updated product photography, and a mobile version of the site.

With the combination of great e-commerce functionality and engaging content, the new Kate Spade website should provide a better experience for its users.