Just in time for the Super Bowl, Old Spice has created a new line of commercials featuring the 2010 viral sensation known as the Old Spice Man, or the Man Your Man Could Smell Like, A.K.A. Isaiah Mustafa.

Old Spice (Isaiah Mustafa)

To promote the return, Mustafa appears in a 74-second “I’m Back” teaser explaining, “The real reason that I’m back is because I’ve made a campaign of new advertisements to inform the people on this crazy blue marble that we call Earth how they or their man can use Old Spice to smell as fresh as the freshest places on Earth,” going so far as to proclaim, “Along with being educational, these advertisements carry an entertainment value that is second to none.”

The ads are in promotion of the brand’s new Old Spice Fresh Collection products. However, they will not air during the Super Bowl, but rather premier the day after (interesting, no?). Probably the most exciting thing about this campaign is the fact that Old Spice will be choosing one “super fan” to be the first to exclusively debut the first ad across his or her social network, prior to its official premier – an effective tactic considering how much buzz this campaign creates amongst viewers. To have exclusive access to the first video return of the most-viewed ad of 2010 would be an honor and a privilege. As Megan of SocialTimes points out, “Old Spice really knows how to do viral. Just when the Old Spice guy was at his height they took him away, leaving us thirsty for more. Now that he’s let us know he’s back I can’t wait to see what Old Spice has planned next.”