Colin Harman made this humorous yet realistic venn diagram explaining the common limitations of graphic design. You want something great, affordable, and done efficiently, but often you can only choose two of those preferences – and don’t even think about trying to get it for free. So, what would you rather: a design that’s “dipped in ugly sauce with haste and carelessness,” or one that’s “just in time to be too late?” It seems your best bet is to go with something fast and great, which results in a design that is “what you pay for,” but that’s only if affordability isn’t a concern.

Is something fast, affordable, and well-done really an impossible utopia?

It probably depends on who you ask. “Cheapness” is relative, depending on who’s doing the spending. Plus, not to brag, but we’ve been told before that we fulfill all three of these goals. But obviously a lot of people are under the impression that the best design isn’t likely to be affordable or timely. Often something has to be sacrificed, and again that depends on the priorities of the individual you ask. What has been your experience with hiring for design work? Do you run into this all-too-common”Pick Two” dilemma?

Colin Harman: How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?
via Colin Harman, 2010