Teamwork, communication, and respect are some important factors in creating a positive and productive ambiance in the workplace.

The Tea Master (Mr. Harney) giving us a tour of his magnificent tea factory.

For example, yesterday, me and my sister (Emma) visited Master of Tea Makers, Harney & Sons ( and was greeted by the Tea Master, John Harney, who kindly agreed to escort us around his factory. After getting acquainted and putting on our hairnets, he pulled back the doors to his magical tea factory.

While taking in the divine fused aromas of hibiscus, ginger, peach, jasmine…(just to name a few), towering crates, and machinery, I couldn’t help but notice Mr. Harney’s gleeful and warm character. For instance, he asked us questions, told us of his many adventures overseas, as well as his love for meeting people and learning about new cultures. Also, as we strolled through each work section, he would make it a point to stop and chat with his team members.

Even though he had to stay and work, his teashop, located a couple of blocks away, had a similar, welcoming, environment. For instance, when entering the café, off to the left, there are two walls stacked with hundreds of teas. This is where we chatted with Hellal, who is currently studying Psychology and interested in cultural studies. Off to the right, is a gift shop that leads to a quaint café that serves tea, scones, salads, mixed nuts, and sandwiches. Sam, who took our order, noted that she was off to roam California with her boyfriend, but noted how she would miss working for Harney & Sons.

In retrospect, this fantastical experience and Mr. Harney’s warm vigor, reinforced one of Ashworth Creative’s core goals, which is to create a respectful, positive, warm environment in order to meet the needs of our clientele.

Special thanks to Mr. Harney for demonstrating positive leadership skills and creating a welcoming atmosphere to his community.

Eve looking over the vast amount tea options.