Listening and understanding are two of the major core values Ashworth Creative strives for. We do so, not only to meet the needs of our current and prospective clients, but also to connect and create lasting relations.


With a new year comes new perspective. I know we’re pitching all year long, but after reading an article about how to pitch to investors ( resources/perfectingpitch. shtml), we noticed many parallels that are also applicable to potential clients. So, we thought it would be nifty to share these savvy pitch tips.

“Wow, these guys are good”

  • -Include company name, logo, location, tag-line, and the presenter’s name and title on the cover slide so people know what is going on before the presentation begins
  • -Tell an exciting but quick story
  • -Introduce the team at the beginning of the presentation, so the audience can relate on a personal level
  • -Quickly present core values and company history while name dropping past and current clients along the way
  • -Qave problems? We have solutions
  • -Articulate ability to problem solve and understand the current creative or marketing dynamics. In addition, demonstrate how your company fits perfectly with the client¬†needs

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side”

  • -Be the last company to pitch and get information on competition
  • -The more you know, the more you illustrate a competent and confidence in your field of expertise
  • -Illustrate key benefits of your company and express their value in terms of direct benefits to the client
  • -Articulate how your work is original and how other companies can not duplicate your intellectual and creative property
  • -Have a list of competitors strengths and weaknesses. This requires some in depth research, but hey, it’s important!

“At least they’re honest”

  • -Explain your pricing, materials, deliverance, and realistic goals in an honest and clear fashion
  • -Demonstrate flexibility and be reasonable about deadlines (consider potential milestones that may arise in the project)
  • -Always be prepared and open for any questions or concerns of the client
  • -Explain what happens if the project takes longer than estimated
  • -Notify the client if the budget is subject to change

“Let’s get started”

  • -Be confident, always bring that contract!
  • -If all goes as planned, the prospect will want to begin right away

Additional Tips

  • -Have very little text on your PowerPoint
  • -If possible, visualize! Meaning, use charts and images
  • -Keep the client engaged by asking them questions
  • -Be realistic and never make unrealistic promises
  • -Make the client feel comfortable and engaged in your presentation
  • -Be personal! the most important word in the world is a person’s name. Also, never underestimate the power of (friendly) eye contact.
  • -Change the presentation to fit personality. So, know your audience
  • -Do not leave lengthy brochures behind for the client to read
  • -Be creative and call them to action!