So, we are a creative company and design is in our blood. What can we possibly say about template websites? Well, there’s definitely pros and cons. A custom designed website is like a filet mignon at an expensive restaurant. Think of a template website as an average steak from Outback Steakhouse. Now, most of us can’t afford a fine steak right away, but we can probably splurge on an Outback steak. There are reasons for choosing template websites over professionally designed sites and vice versa.


Here’s a quick review of pros and cons of template websites. Think of these websites as infant food.

*Disclaimer: the below statements are about an average template website, not ALL fit this description.

cost effective
achieves an online presence
spend less personal time making decisions
can be easy to develop and maintain

you are limited in terms of the layout
can’t apply custom images to represent your company brand and DNA
most are not search engine optimized
cost more in the long run because you lose potential business
no insight or guidance from design and web professionals
much harder to accommodate your users because not specifically built for your company
you look like everyone else

At some point a child outgrows the pea purees and needs some solid food. Template websites are a perfect example for this analogy. A small business usually starts off with something more affordable, such as a template website, but after the business grows it is time to graduate to a professionally designed website. Design is essential for building your brand. It is something that sets you a part from other competitors. There are of course ups and downs to both template websites and custom designed websites. It all comes down to your preference and taste.

Any thoughts about template websites?
Have you had any experience with template websites or custom designed sites?
Do you think one is more valuable than the other?