Yes, the economy is putting a squeeze on everyone’s finances. Yes, cutbacks are necessary.  But, cutting back in the wrong places can end up hurting you rather than helping. Some things are more beneficial the “do it yourself” or DIY way and some things just aren’t. Like web development and design. The whole purpose of having a website is to market your company to potential clients and to eventually drop the “potential” from clients.  If your website isn’t constructed or designed properly, then neither of those two goals can be reached.


For example, when a search phrase relevant to your company is typed into a search engine, you want your site to be ranked among the top listings, also known as search engine optimization.  One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is through your web copy. A professional can write this copy for you in a way that incorporates the search phrases that will get you found while still appealing to the users who access your site all at the same time.

Web copy or web content also has the ability to convert users into customers.  The copy needs to explain what your company has to offer in a manner that intrigues the user and makes them want to know more. Another useful tip is to include “how to” lists on your website. Search engines like them, and so do your customers. If a company writes their own web copy, they have a biased view, where as a professional is an outside party and therefore has the ability to create something that accommodates both the customers and the company.

Photos are another feature that generate clientele.  Photos show the user what your company has to offer in a more tangible way than web content. With photos, users connect on a visual level, which for some is deeper than a cognitive level. This is because photos tend to take up more residency in ones brain when compared to language. Based on this information it is vital to have adequate photos on your site. A professional has the capability to select the photos that will most affect a consumer’s buying decision. When you choose your own photos you most likely choose ones you like the best, not the ones that will appeal to the consumers the most. If a company chooses to resort to DIY photos, they will most likely loose the interest of users rather than converting them to consumers.


Copy and photos tell a story about your company. This means web design is the climax of your story. Web design is the innate fusion of your company’s DNA with the copy and the photos. DIY way just doesn’t cut it when it comes to competitive web design. If you can build a website, it doesn’t mean you can DESIGN a website. Today, there’s a lot of web design out there, but creativity and good design is what will set you apart from the competition. Standing out among competition usually means winning over customer business and trust.

Good web design attracts potential clients and keeps them on your web site. Would you want to read about the services and products of a company with a neon green background, copy all over the place and poor image quality? We didn’t think so. Good web design gives you credibility. It shows visitors you actually care about your company’s image and try to accommodate the needs of visitors. In the long run, DIY web design will hurt your business. So, we suggest you start fresh and let professionals build the most enticing climax for your story.

What do you think? Do you think it’s ok to do somethings yourself and let professionals take care of the rest?
What specific things would you do yourself?
What are things you wouldn’t dare to do yourself?