We were recently provoked by Matt Cheuvront, from Life Without Pants to think about the reason why we started our blog here at Ashworth and what we want to accomplish. These are some of the words that came to our mind immediately: design. passion. creativity. genuine. teaching. relationships. learning. two way. These are some of the things we want to inspire in others. Of course, we want to learn and grow from our blogging journey as well. We aim to serve our customers better, refine our process and develop creative solutions for clients.


Design is truly at the heart of all we do at Ashworth Creative. We want to build relationships to instill passion and design through those connections. Our goal is to ooze out creativity thus infecting everyone who approaches our blog and site.


“Creativity is an inborn capacity for thinking differently than most, seeing differently, and making connections and perceiving relationships others miss”

– Andy Rutledge,  “On Creativity”

Next step is to stay genuine and real through our blogging journey. We definitely think every blogger needs to build their blog on the cornerstone of honesty and authenticity. Would you take advice on how to prepare Mexican flautas from a grandma born and raised in Mexico or an American teenager? Chances are the grandma knows her stuff and makes authentic Mexican flautas. Staying genuine and authentic is bound to draw people in. This isn’t some formula for attracting readers, but we know that clients want to do business with genuine people. Same thing goes for blog followers and readers.

Relationships are all about being genuine, teaching and learning. This is another reason we started our blog. We desire to teach people and to learn from experts in the industry. It all comes down to the two-way communication. For us, a blog is a great way to reach out to people with the same passions and desires as Ashworth Creative.

So, now that you know what drives us to maintain a blog… What are some of the reasons you read blogs? What drives you to maintain a blog?