Harney & Sons logo on image of professional video camera

When Harney & Sons invited Ashworth to create a new video focusing on holiday gifts, we knew one important fact: Harney makes some brilliant gifts, they taste great, and look fantastic. Careful research by Ashworth revealed another remarkable fact: Harney teas (and gifts) are created by elves.

Person packing Harney & Sons teas in gift box.

Ashworth was able to discover the story behind Harney’s success. Even though the elves would rather keep a lid on their existence, they play an essential role in creating the teas and gifts that people buy from Harney & Sons. We found out something even more amazing. Many members of the Harney family are elves, themselves.

Elf shoes on concrete floor

The creative team at Ashworth: Phillippa Ewing, writer, Tracy Dwyer, Art Director, and Isaac Ashworth, Creative Director, got together and documented the full scoop of what was going on behind the scenes at Harney & Sons. Director Dina Pace of Pace Productions, and Director of Photography, Tom Moore, was given special access to the Harney premises in Millerton, NY.

Harney Teas set

After a certain amount of cajoling, the elves agreed to appear in the series of holiday videos, which have been launched on unsuspecting audiences. Appearing as elves or people in the videos are Mike Harney, Brigitte Harney, Alex Harney and Emeric Harney, plus employees of Harney & Sons and Ashworth Creative. The videos are showing on YouTube, Facebook, and all manner of social media, or you can click here and see for yourself. In fact, Facebookers have clicked on the video 510,000 times and show no signs of stopping yet!

View the commercial now, click here!

If Ashworth Creative can uncover the closely guarded secret of the elves behind Harney Tea, think what we can do with your product or service. Contact Eve Ashworth at 845-877-0410 ext. 103.

We wish the happiest of holidays to everyone who reads this and look forward to working with you in the New Year!