Harney & Sons logo over image of steaming cup of tea.

In a triumph of teamwork, Ashworth Creative was delighted to create a commercial for Harney & Sons Fine Teas in honor of Mother’s Day. Dina Pace Shackleford and Pace Productions of Westchester were the exceptional and patient production house, and Marcia Clark the VO. The cast of characters includes staff of Ashworth Creative, specifically Eve Ashworth and her and Isaac’s lovely daughter, Harriett, along with members from three generations of the Harney clan: Elyse Harney, Elyse Harney Morris, Paul Harney and Finn Harney, Mike and Brigitte Harney, Alex and Caitrin Harney and their beautiful daughter Korabelle, along with friends and the invaluable behind-the-scenes contributions of Emeric Harney. It was a wonderful day and a true family affair.

Collage of images from commercial production

View the commercial now, click here!

Another Harney/Ashworth Collaboration

At the same time we were making the Mother’s Day commercial, Spring was very much on our mind as our creative team worked on a new and vibrant Harney Spring catalog. Twenty colorful pages provide a refreshing take on Harney Fine Teas, Green Teas, Favorite Flavored Teas, Fruit Teas, Classic Teas, Iced Teas and so much more. We were all keen to make the catalog more of a “magalog,” so there are new ways of enjoying Harney Teas including in cooking and cocktails! Even Iced Matcha Lattés. Yum!

Harney Teas Spring "magalog"

You can see it for yourself by clicking here.

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We wish you all a lovely happy Mother’s Day and happy Spring from all of us at Ashworth Creative. We’ll toast you with a cup of Harney Tea.