Looking From the Outside In

Great advertising is about touching emotions, sparking inspiration, and getting inside the head of your audience. At Ashworth Creative we think about the world from the point of view of the target audience of each ad. So we’re talking with the people not at them. Here are a couple of our latest efforts:

Westchester Community College: Student and Alumni Success

A lot of thoughts go through the mind of a prospective community college student. Will this help me get a good job? What is the student to faculty ratio? Can I afford it? What happens to other students like me? Ashworth Creative looked at the problem from the students’ perspective and designed an engaging direct mail piece for Westchester Community College that addressed all those questions and answered them fully and persuasively.

The piece appeals both to prospects who want to train for immediate workforce readiness, and those who want to go on to even higher degrees, by answering their most frequently asked questions and by telling the stories of successful alums. The mail piece was attractive and cost effective – just like Westchester Community College.

Westchester Community College Student & Alumni Success brochure


Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law: Taking People’s Injuries Personally

Radio listeners in the Hudson Valley have been hearing the persuasive voice of Marty Rutberg for quite some time. He tells emotional stories of how Rutberg Breslow has gained fair settlements and justice for people who have been injured in accidents. Rutberg Breslow asked Ashworth Creative to design a series of billboards that would communicate in the same compassionate tone of voice to an audience on the road and out in the community.

The trick to creating effective billboards is that they have to be quickly read and absorbed. People frequently overcrowd them with too many words, too many images, and the net result is that the audience either misses the key point, or fails to notice the company who bought the billboard. For Rutberg Breslow we showed individuals who’ve experienced a traumatic accident but have received a just settlement. It is not every day that you see an amputee or a wheelchair bound person on a billboard that leaves you with a positive emotion. These billboards do to just that. They put Rutberg Breslow in the front of the audience’s mind should they ever need the firm’s services.

Rutberg-Breslow print advertisement mockups


Whether your communication needs are digital, print, broadcast, collateral or anything in between, there’s always something amazing happening at Ashworth Creative. Give us a call and it can happen to you.