Happy New Year from all of us at Ashworth Creative.

Here are a few of our collective prognostications for 2016. Watch and wait to see how right we are.


Eve Ashworth, Account Director: A Smart and SAAS-y Platform from Ashworth Creative

Look for Ashworth to grow our SAAS (Software as a Service) Presentation Platform. We’re super excited about the opportunities we’ve seen already! Our platform combines lateral thinking with the mobility that tablets offer. It provides a huge bonus for the presenter because the conversation can be tailored to the viewer’s interests. For the audience it is an end to those long, exhausting, presentations where the presenter has control and you don’t. Ashworth Creative has digital wizards in house who can customize the platform so it fits seamlessly with a client’s branding.

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Isaac Ashworth, Creative Director: Which Campaign Logo is a Winner?

With all joking and politics being put to one side, which of the 2 leading Presidential candidates would be predicted to win based on their logo?

While Trump’s logo is bold and strong with no mistaking who it represents, Clinton’s logo is more forward thinking. I suspect we will be seeing a great deal of these 2 logos over the next 10 months and while Trump’s logo will remain unmistakable, Clinton’s logo will get greater mileage and offer more adaptability. Clinton’s logo aspires to be as good as Obama’s “O” logo but comes nowhere near. So, my prediction for the 2016 Presidential win, based on the most successful logo (and I am really putting my politics to one side here) goes to Hillary Clinton.


Jim Fenner, Digitial Strategist: Virtual Reality Gets Real

In 2016, I predict: hilarious videos of talk show hosts talking about/testing VR/AR headsets. Come on, you know you can’t wait to see Michael Strahan strap on an Oculus Rift and run into a wall.

2016 will be a watershed year for consumer Virtual Reality, with Facebook Inc.’s Oculus Rift headset set to ship end of March. This will put VR, and it’s Minority-Report-esque relative AR (Augmented Reality), in focus for a much larger audience for the first time. Opportunities for immersive entertainment, professional guidance, interactive learning and advertising channels will explode by 2020, with 2016 being the year it all starts. And when it starts, you know that everyone from Ellen Degeneres to Hoda Katb to Stephen Colbert will be testing the waters to predictably goofy ends.


Phillippa Ewing, Marketing and Business Development Strategist: Don’t Dis Disruption

The US advertising marketplace will grow by 4.6%, data driven advertising will be hotter than ever, and globally digital media will grow by 25%. By the end of the 2016 “disruption” will be the word of the year, and most people will know that it means the introduction of something new that changes the way business is done. As Uber is to taxis, as Facebook is to phone calls, as robots will be to lawnmowing, the world will change and Ashworth Creative will revel in changing to meet the challenges. Let disruption rule!


Brianne Radtke, Marketing and Media Strategist: Endorsements Take Over, Control the Action

The biggest media trend in 2016 is double-edged: advocate marketing, or rather, endorsement campaigns. From broadcast radio and television to social media and your favorite smart phone apps and games – there is a hinging (sometimes cringing) endorsement. Humans tend to mirror the behaviors and opinions of others to avoid isolation – an age-old survival instinct that makes endorsements the best “word of mouth” that money can buy. In a market flooded with Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Mobile Strikes, take extra measures to stand out. Select a suitable advocate – not just any offer that comes your way. In 2016, get comfortable with saying “no.” This year, opt for professional advisement from an advertising agency before making any major commitments.


Sarah Hurd, Marketing Assistant: 2016 Social Media Forecast: Let’s Get Intimate

On the “Big 3” (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), a relational shift from author to audience is coming for 2016. There is a growing number of private groups being created, invite-only conversations being started, and the sudden re-emergence of private messaging. Here’s what’s going on: users yearn for social media to mimic the intimacy of f2f communication, without compromising social media’s ease of access. This means that businesses will have to consider changing social media marketing strategies. For instance, direct messaging as a significant component of advertising campaigns. It sounds crazy (not to mention time-consuming), but creating content tailored to specific individuals, delivered personally to that individual’s account, is so overdue. After all, isn’t it always all about the content? It’s time to start treating followers like relationships to be cultivated – just don’t tell my friends!


Auden Francis, Graphic Designer: Peace, Love and Pantone

Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year are entitled Rose Quartz and Serenity. These pacifying light pink and lavender hues are said to bring about a sense of order and peace to battle against the stresses of everyday life. Web designers will joining Pantone’s mission in 2016, designing stripped-down layouts, focusing primarily on the user experience. Key features will include: mobile first layouts, app inspired web design, infinite scrolling, clever menus and hopefully, a more harmonious world.


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