Welcome to our second home! We wanted to introduce you to our lair, the place in which we all converge, come up with amazing and wonderful ideas and work on creating new perspectives. The Poughkeepsie Journal building: huge, imposing and filled with creative individuals (that’s us). This building is brimming with historical integrity, so let’s get started!

Poughkeepsie Journal Building Lobby

Built way back in 1941, the building was heavily influenced by Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s partiality to the Dutch Colonial Revival style.

The building is additionally the home of the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper. In fact the Poughkeepsie Journal is New York State’s oldest newspaper and the third oldest newspaper in the country. A mural of the history of printing from the 14th century to the 1940’s embellishes the building’s lobby. In 1982, the building qualified to be placed in the National Registrar of Historic Places.Poughkeepsie Journal Building

One interesting piece of information is the fallout shelter in the basement. That’s right —  the Poughkeepsie Journal has an underground fallout shelter – and it just so happens to be Ashworth Creative’s home base.  Following World War II was the Cold War, a period of hostility towards the Soviet Union. Fear and opposition increased with the threat of nuclear war after the detonation of the Soviet’s first nuclear bomb – and so America began to build fallout shelters. During the 1950’s and 60’s public fallout shelters were being designed and built in case of an impending nuclear war. Designed for at least two weeks’ worth of habitation fallout shelters grew out of favor during the mid-1960s after arms control talk and a limited nuclear testing ban. Fallout shelters have now become testimonials of the cold war era.

Ashworth Creative EntranceSo now you know, in case of a nuclear war we here at Ashworth Creative are safe behind 12 inches of brick – at least for two weeks. Our lair will never cease being a source of inspiration, ideas and creativity.