The Google evolution has been happening right in front of our eyes. Recognizable and well known, the word Google has even become a verb! To Google something is to have all the relevant (and sometimes not so relevant) information with just a few words or clicks on our devices.

Starting as a small idea, the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has transformed into a multimillion company. Once located in a garage with a total of three employees – including the co-founders themselves, the tech company has expanded to having multiple campus, including the original and largest – the Googleplex.

In the beginning (1997), Google was just a search engine. Now, it’s grown to have an estimated 620 million users. The year 1998 saw Google filing for incorporation in California. It wasn’t until 2008 that Google developed its’ own web browser – Google Chrome. Today the tech giant has expanded even further, offering its own email (Gmail), cloud storage services (Google Drive), an online office suite (Google Docs), and Google+, its’ own social networking site.

Google has always been one step ahead and the tech company is now looking to bring driver free cars to the streets.

Google unveiled designs of its first driverless car on May but the first real build of the car was introduced on December 2014. On Tuesday December 23, 2014 Google announced that it would be testing out its first driverless vehicle on the streets of California.

GoogleCar1 GoogleCar2

The cutesy car has space enough for two people, an electric battery and a capped speed of 25 mph. The car features software that allows the vehicle to drive without any human intervention. Google will eventually try to get the vehicle to travel up to 100 mph. Google’s car is expected to be in the market by 2020. Time will tell if the driver-less car (or “autonomous vehicle” if you want to get technical) will become a fixture on streets across America.