What does purchasing a car, planning a vacation and pondering what to make for dinner all have in common? We all spend more time on these activities than we do choosing a physician. That’s pretty staggering if you think of it – healthcare should be a top priority for anyone. Your health is your wealth!


We figured this out when we were commissioned to help Premier Medical Group increase awareness of their high level of specialized care. As we began research for this campaign, we were shocked to discover the statistical data showing that most patients blindly select specialized physicians – many times by wandering down the hall from their general physician simply for the convenience.


We decided to build Premier’s campaign to highlight this anomaly and urge people to carefully research their choice in physicians. Using bold headlines, and bright, contrasting colors, Premier’s audacious, typographical campaign was created to serve as a wake-up call to the Hudson Valley to dig deeper when choosing a physician.


Premier Medical Group, located in the Hudson Valley's ad campaign designed by Ashworth Creative

The campaign was a huge success and helped to brand Premier Medical Group as the leading source of specialized healthcare in the Hudson Valley. Motivated by the warning, many patients began to put more effort into researching their physicians and healthcare facilities. Time and time again, Premier’s leading team of healthcare specialists became the top choice in the area for specialized care.


We continue to roll out new ad campaigns building upon the same message: your health is the most vital aspect of your very existence – make sure you treat it as the top priority that it is!