In the summer of 2013, Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County (CPUC) approached us with some work they wanted done. One thing they wanted us to do was to re-vamp their website. Their old website was a little tired and needed some life pumped back into it. CPUC had just hired a new executive director and he was looking to build from the work we were already doing with their marketing.

One of their main goals was to increase donations and their donor base. On their old site, it was difficult to navigate to the donor section. By updating the look to reflect the depth and breadth of CPUC’s services, everything now has a specific place and it is easy to navigate around. Other goals were to bring in more referrals, have a more interactive site, and draw the user’s interest from the very beginning.


There was one major obstacle that took some time to overcome, while working on the site.  Because CPUC has so many programs and services, we had to figure out how to best structure the site so that all of them could be shown. CPUC also wanted to show how the services fit within each different program. In order to do this, we followed a meticulous informative architecture process to plan out the easiest way for users to navigate where they wanted to go on the site. After that was all sorted out, the rest fell of the site into place.

Upon completion of the site, Auden trained CPUC on how to use and update the site. The training took just a couple of hours. The CPUC employees that were being trained had a variety of internet experience and Auden was able to explain everything in a way so that all employees were able to understand.


In the end, CPUC loved their new website. It has helped create a more professional look and feel that has helped them present themselves to larger governmental agencies and more importantly, to current and potential parents. We added a new career section of the site that they are excited about because it has generated more applicants for jobs. The new site has also enabled them to be able to begin fundraising, which will help them in the future.