Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 10.39.47 AMTim Nudd, Adweek editor, writer and — as his Twitter page claims — alleged Mainer, posted the 15 best commercials in the world this week. Those 15 stole Grand Prix and Gold in Film and Film Craft from the Cannes International Film Festival held in mid May.

The winners hailed from all over the globe — from the United States to Japan, Argentina, Australia and France — and they all advertised wildly different products — from Google to air conditioners to diamonds.

“In the end, there were 15 individual winners out of the 5,195 entries. That represents the top three-tenths of 1 percent of submissions, which are themselves the cream of the crop in advertising.”

Rather than simply share with you the winners, the Ashworth Creative team has decided to share with you our personal favorites. You might say they are the AshWorthiest of them all!

Eve: Chipotle, Back to the Start
“Gets the point across in a clear concise way without any words, I am motivated to eat a burrito, and raise animals. Love it!”

Issac: Chipotle & Lurpak Butter
Over-all my favorite is the Chipotle advert as it says so much about the state of our modern day food production, animal rights, the environment, and of course our need and desire to eat healthy food. It has beautiful stop animation with great emotion and a great cover of a Coldplay song by Willie Nelson. The other one I particularly liked was the Lurpak Butter advert, purely for it’s simplicity. The production was straightforward and uncomplicated and who knew that close ups of food cooking in pans and ovens could look so colorful and vibrant. I am always impressed with the simple but effective adverts that even a small agency like ours could produce on a limited budget and the Lurpak Butter advert is certainly one of those.

Bryan: Peres Center for Peace, Blood Relations
“This is marketing at its best. A commercial like this reminds me that marketers are in a position to not only help drive sales, but also make positive social change. Products and services are not the only things that deserve the attention of marketers.”

Auden: P&G and Mumbai Mirror
“I really enjoyed the emotions conveyed throughout the Proctor and Gamble commercial. I think it portrays the role of a parent in such an honest and heartfelt way. How amazing would it be to see your child grow up to become such a successful athlete? Similarly, the Mumbai Mirror commercial is so beautifully filmed and evokes a lot of passion.”

Chase: Doritos, Dip Desperado
“Does exactly what a commercial should do, helps you remember the brand and makes you want to go buy a bag of chips to see how good you are with your flinging skills…. I’m going to have broken tortilla chips littered around my apartment tonight!”

Marissa: The Guardian, Three Little Pigs
“My favorite was the Peres Center for Peace commercial but solely because I have a personal connection to the conflict. It was such a beautiful message, tying in something like blood — which is usually only associated in a negative way. It gave me goose bumps. That aside, the Guardian’s Three Little Pigs was brilliant. First of all, let’s be honest, print journalism can use all the help it can get now. Second, taking a classic tale and spinning it in a modern direction was smart. That is so in right now (take ABC’s Once Upon a Time for example). It was witty and interesting. It really called attention to the way news happens these days and how we communicate breaking stories.”

Tim: BGH Air Conditioner, Dads in Briefs
“It reminded me to buy underwear.”

Now tell us, which were your favorites and why? And is anyone else rushing out to get a BGH air conditioner to avoid seeing their dad in briefs?