As Get Satisfaction says in its recent infographic, The Death of Print, “While 2010 may not have been the year print died, it was certainly the year it bled ink.”

According to the research, both newspaper and magazine subscriptions and advertising have dropped across the board (as we know), while digital subscriptions and advertising are flourishing. Of Americans polled: 10% have a newspaper subscription and 11% have a magazine subscription, while 18% have a digital subscription.

As shown in the section below, more than 35% of all unique internet visits in 2010 were to newspaper websites. And while the advent of tablets like the iPad have been referred to as “print killers,” they do provide an opportunity for growth for printed sources, should they find the proper way to harness this potential.

The Death of Print (Get Satisfaction)

To see the full infographic, visit Get Satsifaction.