Svpply (pronounced “supply”) is a recent invitation-only retail product bookmarking service with a lot of potential. As of late November, it’s already raised $550,000. With a sleek, minimalist design, an extremely easy-to-use bookmarklet tool, and a user base of design-saavy tastemakers, Svpply is the place to browse for the most modern, unique, and trendy products.

SvpplyRather than online shopping as you would in an e-commerce store, Svpply’s interface shows products in a feed format, unencumbered by product details (though you can see those by hovering over the product) and easy to share. Products link back to their store of origin, so purchasing is just a click away. A “follow” feature, allowing users to follow each other as well as their favorite retailers, adds a social element to an otherwise simple shopping/browsing experience. Even without an invitation or account, you can browse products, which can be easily sorted by gender, product type, and price. I used it myself to find the perfect Christmas gift for my sister.

There’s a mass of design junk out there–and if you’re a design junky, consider how much time you spend just sifting through it, looking for the perfect chair/shoes/alarm clock… Svpply works essentially the same as FFFFOUND, a visual resource that’s drawn a huge following among designers, looking for inspiration. Applying that to shopping? Pretty brilliant.

(Cliff Kuang, Fast Company)

Pretty brilliant indeed.

Screenshot via swissmiss.