Male vs Female Shopping
via Andy Dunn, Bonobos CEO

According to this illustration of how men and women shop for clothes:

  • For many women, style, trend, and fun are the most important factors.
  • Many men focus primarily on fit, and want to minimize time and hassle.

Knowing what can facilitate purchases from customers is extremely valuable for any e-commerce business. While this particular data applies specifically to shopping for clothing, the results are still insightful. Furthermore, according to Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos, a men’s apparel online retailer:

  • For an e-commerce website, fast, free shipping and returns are important factors to drive men’s apparel sales.
  • Men develop a loyalty to brands and retailers that have clothes that fit them well.

And for a customer’s lifetime value?

  • For most female shoppers, their lifetime value comes from their frequent purchases driven by entertainment shopping.
  • For most male shoppers, their lifetime value comes from brand loyalty to a brand with clothes that fit and a fast and easy buying process.

Via Lightspeed Venture Partners.