Here at Ashworth Creative, we’re always ready to help our clients “mind the gap” between traditional and digital media. Integrating the two is a challenge for some companies, and some agencies focus on one or the other.  In this digital age, some marketing agencies treat “traditional” like it’s a bad word! Of course there is incredible potential in digital marketing, but traditional is far from “dead.” We think it’s important to integrate both strategies into one artfully-structured cohesive campaign. Digital media is powerful, but it shouldn’t be treated as an end-all and be-all (and neither should traditional media).

The marketing goal is at the root of developing a successful campaign strategy, regardless of which type of media you use. Who are your targets? What is your positioning?

Most of the same tactics that are utilized in traditional marketing translate to digital mediums, but some companies that have been using traditional tactics for years – decades even – are hesitant to jump headfirst into the digital world. Well, we don’t think you should either. In a way, we’re here to teach you how to swim before you jump off the high-dive.

We recently decided to create a graphic representation of our traditional/digital mindset, illustrating the crossing and meeting of the traditional and digital “tracks.” We modeled this one off of the traditional London underground map (click to enlarge).

Ashworth Creative Marketing Map 2010
Isaac Ashworth, 2010

If you need help integrating digital tactics into your current marketing strategy, you know who to call.