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Jun 09 Cats: Redefining the Tablet App Market

By Ashworth Creative

Children influence much of their parents’ purchasing decisions, regardless of the fact that they are not doing the actual purchasing, but there is a new emerging market of influencers: cats.

Friskies has released a trio of (free) iPad and Android tablet games designed for cats. As Co.Design describes, “Friskies is driving loads of traffic to its site and think: every time someone downloads [the games], Friskies gets free product placement, having done nothing but appeal to our collective yen for watching animals do stuff.” These games are designed specifically for cats – as Friskies explains, “the colors, movement, and game-play have been researched and tested for maximum feline fun” – so there is literally no value or use for the actual human tablet-owner (other than, of course, the joy of entertaining one’s cat).

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