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For powerful digital experiences, Drupal is an open platform, web content management system.

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Why Drupal?

Having modularity as one of its core principles, Drupal is incredibly flexible. Drupal offers tools that allows for the building of versatile and structured web content that dynamic sites of today need. Reliable performance, excellent security and simple content authoring are all standard features that are available when choosing the Drupal platform. Like WordPress, Drupal is an open source software available for anyone to download, use and work with.

An Ever Growing Environment of Modules

By adding and using modules to increase functionality, Drupal can easily expand the control of website design and development. Some of the more popular modules incorporated into the development of sites are advanced search, caching and throttling for improved performance, descriptive URLs, access control restrictions, and various workflow tools. At this moment in time, Drupal is the third most popular CMS used on the web with 2.3% of all websites using the platform.

The Differentiator

With highly advanced and entirely customizable user roles, Drupal is one of the best systems to use if a team will have multiple users who require different levels of permission in order to create or alter content on the site. While Drupal may have a reputation of being difficult to use by non technically savvy users, this platform is to be considered as though building from a blank slate and then adding and customizing as the development process progresses. With certain requirements, Drupal may be the best fit for unique situations.

Platforms and Languages:

WordPress / Drupal / PHP / REACT / Shopify / Templated Website Builders / JavaScript / CSS / Python / WooCommerce / Perl

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