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Whether your business sells products online or in store, Shopify is the ecommerce platform for you.

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The Numbers

With over 1 million active users, Shopify powers the ecommerce solutions of over 600,000 businesses throughout the world which has resulted in the total sales of more than $63 billion of goods sold online. With these impressive numbers, Shopify is one of, if not the leading, online store builders worldwide. It is a fully turn-key (hosted ecommerce) solution that provides everything needed to set up and start selling products to the world. While you’re still in control, Shopify takes care of the purchasing, security and fulfillment of online orders.

The Features

The process of selling items in a clear, simple and intuitive way without marginalizing or confusing a customer can be very challenging. To sell items the right way, Shopify offers integrated payments, easy access to add and remove products, easy implementation of analytics in tracking, third party and self-fulfillment, incredible customer support and 100% crawlable, clean code that increases SEO performance (for SEO geeks, Shopify uses canonicals properly.)

Selling Online Has Never Been Easier

Online payments through Shopify allows credit card payments to be instantly accepted without the need for third party accounts. With the increase of breaches in online security, Shopify is able to generate unique passwords from a password vault while also having the ability to enable a two-step authentication process for an account. Shopify also keeps the customers information and data secure by surpassing the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements.

Platforms and Languages:

WordPress / Drupal / PHP / REACT / Shopify / Templated Website Builders / JavaScript / CSS / Python / WooCommerce / Perl

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