Anderson Center for Autism

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Designing a rewarding online experience to serve multiple audiences for a large non-profit


Before Ashworth Creative came on board, Anderson Center for Autism was an organization with a clear mission but without an identity. They employed 700 people, yet they were virtually unknown in their own community, let alone in the wider Hudson Valley. Ashworth undertook a branding, public relations and marketing campaign to present Anderson Center for Autism and all of its benefits to the community and the individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a completely different light.


Ashworth Creative’s approach to information architecture and defining target audiences resulted in a unique navigational approach – pointing different groups into a user journey that best met their needs. New photography highlighted and eloquent design humanized the image and reality of Anderson’s facilities, programs, staff and the individuals and families they serve. The website is built on a WordPress platform, is mobile responsive and can be easily updated in-house. Every Ashworth website comes with a client training session and training notes.


Anderson Center for Autism has a public face and image of a highly effective and innovative organization that has opened its doors to the world outside and helped many people understand Autism Spectrum Disorder better than ever before. Ashworth Creative is proud of our role in this evolution. Ashworth also created a custom version of our Go Gladys™ Presentation Platform for Anderson Center for Autism and designed multiple presentations for different departments within the organization.