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With 31% of all internet sites being powered by WordPress, it is the most popular online tool.

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Easy to Use

With the increasing need and desire to keep a website current and up-to-date, managing your website is simple and straightforward. If you can use a simple text editor like Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign, then using WordPress will be intuitive and clear. Remember that a website is never finished or complete, it needs constant updates and attention to remain current and relevant. WordPress allows you to get started in minutes and make changes to your site easily without any programming knowledge of HTML.

Packed with Features

While combining simplicity for users with robust complexity for developers, WordPress can create any type of website that is needed. Whether it’s a personal blog, a complex business website or a network of websites, WordPress has the capabilities to add all the bells and whistles. From easy user and media management to adding and extending plugins, WordPress allows for complex galleries, social media widgets, calendars, forms, spam protection and includes a directory of thousands of other plugin features to choose from.

The Technical Side

With WordPress being the most popular open source CMS system on the web, the technical community is incredibly vibrant and supportive. When it comes to installation and upgrades the system is smooth and effortless. With the standards set by the W3C, all of the code generated by WordPress is in compliance, meaning that your website will work in today’s browsers while maintaining compatibility with browsers of the next generation. For technical developers WordPress also includes plugin systems, theme systems, application frameworks, custom content types and the latest script libraries.

Platforms and Languages:

WordPress / Drupal / PHP / REACT / Shopify / Templated Website Builders / JavaScript / CSS / Python / WooCommerce / Perl

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